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Our curriculum

At Mickley Village Primary & Nursery School our curriculum has been developed to follow the needs of our children - communication & language being of significant importance from day one. Through pupil voice, staff discussion and parent opinion, we have identified starting points that encompasses the child's interests - we aim to address the National curriculum while developing the whole child. Our curriculum is well sequenced and progressive which focuses on the acquisition of knowledge and vocabulary - we focus on what the children need to know as we know that this knowledge and vocabulary will facilitate further comprehension. We provide a curriculum that is challenging, builds resiliencesupports all children and raises their aspirations.  We want our children to be inspired to learn more about themselves, the community they live in and the world around them, whilst developing empathy for others


Our curriculum is broad and balanced, with every subject meeting or going beyond the National Curriculum requirements.


Once we had reviewed the National Curriculum documents, we then turned them into long terms plans. So that our children remain inquisitive, we devised a series of thought proving questions, one per half-term. These can be found in the table below: 


As we will continue to have split year groups in the future, there are two cycles: Cycle A and Cycle B. The tables below shows what the children in Y1/2 and Y3/4 will be learning over the next 2 years. 

Our Sunflowers class are split into Nursery and Reception. The document, which can be downloaded below, outlines the long term plan and progression of all children. 

Each half-term, we sit down and complete our medium term planning. Using the long term planning and knowledge progression documents, we ensure that all areas of the curriculum are covered and we know exactly what knowledge the children should be taught in each year group.


We also make sure that our medium term plans contain the following: 

  • Some wow starters/activities in inspire the children
  • Some smaller questions linked to the learning challenge question
  • Key vocabulary that the children need know
  • Ways that our lessons can go beyond the classroom environment
  • How we can involve parents and the community
  • How we are able to teach diversity throughout the curriculum
  • Experiences that the children will remember that will help them retain knowledge and vocabulary
  • Ways to raise aspirations so the children have hopes and dreams to strive for


Click on the links below to download out latest medium term plans. 

Sunflowers - Spring Term 1 Medium Term Planning