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We are committed to providing both a high-quality and progressive music education for our school community. We believe that our pupils should understand that the purpose of music is to encourage the expression of ideas and emotion through sound. Our music curriculum at Mickley aims to engage and inspire pupils to develop a love of music and an appreciation of music from across the globe. We aim to build and nurture their talents as musicians and performers to increase their self-confidence, creativity and build a sense of achievement. We are dedicated in using key vocabulary during each lesson to ensure that this is embedded in their long-term memory. Music lessons are taught using Charanga Music, which breaks down music learning into listening and appraising, musical activities, creating and exploring and singing. These strands enable all children to build upon and develop their short-term knowledge and skills in each area as they develop a critical engagement with music, allowing them to compose, and to listen with discrimination to music from around the world.