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Mathematics is taught daily.  We follow the White Rose maths scheme of work across the school. White Rose is progressive and sequential, revisiting prior learning to ensure understanding. Our focus for teaching is around: Number including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions; Geometry including 2D and 3D shapes and position; Measurement including weight, length, height, volume, capacity and time; Statistics including charts and graphs and data interpretation.


We aim to ensure all pupils: 

  • enjoy mathematics and develop a positive attitude to the subject
  • develop a sound understanding of basic mathematical concepts through direct teaching, practical and investigational work
  • acquire appropriate and necessary mathematical skills and apply them confidently and accurately
  • are able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge and talk about their work using appropriate mathematical language
  • develop thinking skills and logically apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems
  • use mathematics as part of their everyday life in school and at home



Maths is taught using the White Rose Small Steps planning sequence which follows the 2014 National Curriculum programme of study strands. Each class uses the White Rose calculation policy, which outlines how we move on children's knowledge using apparatus (concrete), drawings (pictorial) and formal written methods (abstract).

In Years 1-4, each lesson begins with a Flashback 4, or a similar format, which recaps previous learning for the children to build on during the lesson. After the teaching input for their year group, the children then complete questions independently from the White Rose scheme. 

Each class has access to high-quality maths resources which the children are encouraged to select independently. These manipulatives support our children's conceptual understanding of mathematics. The majority of children are expected to work through the White Rose programme of study at broadly the same pace, with support put in place for those children who require it. Additional challenges are given for pupils who grasp concepts rapidly, giving them the opportunity to apply their skills and understanding in a variety of ways. Integral to all maths lessons is the teaching of efficient mental maths strategies.


Maths (Numeracy, Number, Shape and Measures) in Reception

Pupils in Nursery and Reception encounter maths in a variety of ways every day. Reception children take part in a daily adult-led maths session each day. These sessions include exploring shape, time and pattern based upon their current themes of learning – these sessions are developed from the White Rose Scheme of learning. CBeebies Number Blocks materials are also used to explore numbers; this supports the children with number recognition and challenges them to think about numbers in different ways. 


Adults plan for and organise additional activities around the classroom for the children to explore during their enhanced provision time. We aim for our classroom to be 'maths rich' by exposing children to different mathematical concepts.



Teachers continually assess children’s understanding through daily marking and feedback. This ensures that children are able to receive immediate intervention and support as required, as well as providing challenge for children who grasp concepts quicker.

In addition to this, teacher assessment is validated through termly summative assessments, using NFER papers from Year 1 - 4. The results of these tests are analysed to identify gaps and any whole class/school areas for development. 

Maths workshop for parents -14th March 2024

Maths workshop slides - 14th March 2024

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