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Remote learning

In the event of your child isolating please log on to Oak Academy and follow the learning for that day. The instructions are on the remote learning timetable.

Please have a look and see what resources are available. Please also continue to read regularly, try to sound out words, play spelling games with the words in reading books, enjoy letter games like eye spy and have regular conversations about learning.

If we are subject to a local or national lockdown where schools are closed please follow the timetables. Staff will log on to Tapestry regularly and be able to answer any questions from there. They will also put supplementary learning on Tapestry.

We are offering a blended approach to learning with some on line and some in books which will be sent home in the event of lockdown for either class bubbles or whole school closures. The expectation is that these will be completed and returned to school once it is open again. The aim is to ensure that no child misses out and every child has some access to education from home if necessary.



Current situation

From January 2021 we entered a national lockdown. The remote learning timetable is now in action with Teachers posting extra ideas on Tapestry on a daily basis. We are providing in excess of the 3 hours learning requirements set by the DFE. We have posted videos and other activities that can be accessed at any point to ease pressure on parents. Our intention is also to ease pressure on digital devices and ensure that every child can learn at home. Our videos are supported by learning packs and paper copies of activities. None of the paper copies rely on technology. 

Teachers are accessing Tapestry daily and responding to comments as well as teaching the groups of children. Reading books can be changed every Thursday morning between 10am and 11am. We ask that parents let us know in advance if their child needs a new book so the next one can be pre-prepared and ready for collection to avoid people waiting. All returned books will be quarantined in a sealed box for at least 72 hours before being pout back into circulation. Please engage with us on this as we feel that reading is a very important skill that can be supported at home during lockdown. 

We will contact parents and children regularly to ensure that everyone is safe and well. We are here to support where we can.

If anyone needs to contact us we are available by phone as school is open to nursery and key workers children.

Remote Learning Timetable

Data and home learning


If you have an old device but no data that your child can use for home learning through isolation please let us know. We may

be able to help with data to support home learning.

Learning at home for younger children


Hungry Little Minds – Simple fun, activities for kids aged 0 – 5 ( 


This website offers learning activities for children from birth to 5 years.






Apps for 2 to 5 year olds (ideas taken from DFE hungry little minds campaign)


We know that phones or tablets are part of many families’ everyday lives and kids love to use them, but it’s not always easy to know which apps and games can benefit your child’s learning.

That is why we have given a quality mark to apps that an independent educational panel believes have good educational value.

Why not try these with your child alongside the other activities listed on this site?


CBeebies Storytime

CBeebies Storytime is filled with free interactive story books and bedtime stories for young children and is a great way to enjoy reading with your little one. The library is always growing, with amazing stories featuring all the CBeebies’ favourites.

Age: 0-5

Platform: AppleAndroidAmazon


CBeebies Playtime Island

CBeebies Playtime Island contains a wide range of fun and educational games to help children understand the world around them and support the development of core skills. Children can play along with all of CBeebies’ most popular characters.

Age: 0-5

Platform: AppleAndroidAmazon


Lingumi - Kids' English

Lingumi provides a course focused on spoken and communicative English. The app provides sets of learning games, speech recognition games and video-based games to help the child grow their grammar and get them speaking their first words.

Age: 2-5

Platform: AppleAndroid



Kaligo is a digital handwriting exercise book designed to teach children how to write using a stylus and tablet, built on an AI machine learning platform. A self-paced approach enables children to progress at their own speed according to their own ability, whilst AI Machine learning provides real-time corrective feedback.

Age: 3-5

Platform: AppleAndroid

The following apps contain phonics content and therefore are only intended for use with school-aged children. Used with your child, they may be a way to support the phonics they are already learning at school, however, you should check with your child’s class teacher that the approaches used in the apps align with your school’s teaching methods before using at home.


Teach Your Monster to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read is a phonics and reading game that’s helped children learn to read. The app covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying small books.

Age: school-aged children

Platform: AppleAndroidAmazon



The Navigo app aims to support beginner readers to develop reading skills (accuracy, fluency and comprehension) through engaging with the personalised content and activities.

Age: school-aged children

Platform: Android


Phonics Hero

Phonics Hero teaches children to read and spell with systematic synthetic phonics. The app includes over 850 fun and varied games. Using a step-by-step approach, children learn the 44 sounds, the reading and spelling of words, and how to conquer sentences.

Age: school-aged children

Platform: AppleAndroid


The following app is intended for use with school-aged children. A child could use this app for further independent reading once they have successfully completed their school’s phonics programme. If you are unsure when this is, we recommend that you discuss the matter with your child’s class teacher before using the app with your child.


Fonetti is a Listening Bookshop™ that provides young children with a patient, comforting listening ear to help in the learning-to-read journey, but also with the added benefit of tracking progress, identifying reading challenges, and highlighting to their adult carers where the most support is needed.

Age: school-aged children

Platform: Apple



The Department for Education is not the creator, owner, editor, manager or provider of the apps listed. The app providers are neither affiliates, associates nor partners of the Hungry Little Minds campaign, the content of this website is solely the property of the Department of Education and does not necessarily reflect the views or position of any of the providers listed.

Early years apps pilot: home learning environment legal disclaimer.

Snow Days


In the event of a school closure due to snow teachers will post work for children on Tapestry. if the school closes during the school day a pack of work will be sent home with each child to ensure that they keep up with their learning. Please also remember to upload your pictures to Tapestry and enjoy the snow. We would like to see your children building snow sculptures, sledging and generally having fun in the snow. All these activities also provide learning experiences for your children.