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Remote learning

In the event of your child isolating please log on to Oak Academy and follow the learning for that day. The instructions are on the remote learning timetable.

Please have a look and see what resources are available. Please also continue to read regularly, try to sound out words, play spelling games with the words in reading books, enjoy letter games like eye spy and have regular conversations about learning.

If we are subject to a local or national lockdown where schools are closed please follow the timetables. Staff will log on to Tapestry regularly and be able to answer any questions from there. They will also put supplementary learning on Tapestry.

We are offering a blended approach to learning with some on line and some in books which will be sent home in the event of lockdown for either class bubbles or whole school closures. The expectation is that these will be completed and returned to school once it is open again. The aim is to ensure that no child misses out and every child has some access to education from home if necessary.


Remote Learning Timetable