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Summer holiday homework

Summer Holiday Homework

Please choose one or more of the activities to enjoy during the holidays. Take a photo of yourselves enjoying the activity and email it to . We will use the pictures for our display in September when we return to school.

Walk barefoot on the dewy grass in the morning

Do bubble paintings- straws, paint and washing up liquid

Make a seasonal fruit smoothie

Cook sausages on a barbeque (with an adult)

Play the colour car game ( first one to find a car coloured…..

Go for a walk and take a picnic

Go to the local library

Run under a water sprinkler

Go on a bus / train ride

Have a water fight

Do a butterfly painting

Learn a new song

Learn a new poem

Make a pop video to a new song

Dress up like a pop star

Go on a bear hunt

Make your own musical instrument

Make fruit cocktails with mini umbrellas

Make your own mini pizzas

Wear PJs all day

Make lemonade with real lemons

Have a mad hair day

Send a postcard from somewhere you have visited

Have a cinema day at home

Go out sketching in your garden

Make a pic collage of your Summer

Write a list of 50 things to be thankful for

Dance in the moonlight

Camp (outside or in)

Write a Summer holiday diary