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Assembly about styaing safe and what safe means

Miss Street asked the children in assembly what 'safe' means. Below are the answers given:

  • You don't lose your mummy
  • When you cross the road you hold your mummy's hand
  • Don't cross the road without your mum or dad
  • Stay with your mum so you don't get lost
  • Don't cross the road until all the cars have gone
  • Make sure you look and listen
  • Put your coat on
  • Stay with your adult and never run off
  • Don't go to the filed by yourself
  • Make sure adults know where you are
  • Never run off from your mum because someone could take you away
  • If you see something you don't like on the TV or computer tell an adult
  • If you see something on the computer that scares you like a scary picture turn if off and tell an adult
  • If you see a stranger don't tell them where you live, your phone number or house number
  • Don't go out trick or treating on you own because some people give out toxic sweets.



The answers were discussed with the children and shared around school